IOP Conferences

Thursday 15 April

Session 13 - Flowers Theatre
Chair: Dr Arthur Jones, University of Nottingham
09:00Hot topics in applied physics – Summary and Outcomes
Chair: Prof John Colligon
09:4513.1 (Invited) Oxidation-induced stresses in thermal barrier coating systems
Prof Hugh Evans
University of Birmingham
10:1513.2 3D multi-layer finite element model for thermo-mechanical stress distributions in thermal barrier coatings
L F C Jeanmeure, I A Jones, D G McCartney
University of Nottingham
10:3013.3 Piezoelectric paint: a novel material for thick-film vibration sensors
J M Hale
Newcastle University
Session 14
Chair: Dr Jack Hale, Newcastle University
11:1514.1 (Invited) Nucleation and growth phenomena of polycrystalline thin films
Prof Peter Barna
Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science, Budapest, Hungary
11:4514.2 Reversible first order semiconductor to metal phase transition in fully and partially confined SmS thin films
E Rogers1, P F Smet2, P Dorenbos1, D Poelman2 and E van der Kolk1
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
2 Ghent University, Belgium
12:0014.4 InSb grown on CdZnTe substrate by liquid phase epitaxy
M Yin and A Krier
Lancaster University
12:15Closing Remarks
Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov, Conference Chair
End of conference
Carriage House Restaurant

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