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Wednesday 14 April

Session 8 - Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Sergei Dudarev, UKAEA Culham
(Invited) Keeping track of chemistry at surfaces and interfaces: the role of surface analysis in materials development
Prof John Watts
University of Surrey
A new approach to high throughput diffraction analysis
S Roncallo1, O Karimi1, S A Ansari1, J M Gregoire2, K D Rogers3, D W Lane1
1 DASSR, Cranfield University
2 Cornell Fuel Cell Institute, Cornell University, USA
3 Cranfield Health, Cranfield University, Cranfield
Magnetic surface phase transitions in FCC magnets
M W Long, M S Hopper, J Quintanilla
University of Birmingham  
Session 9 - Special Session on Wind Energy - Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Janice Barton, University of Southampton
10:00 9.1    
(Invited) Composite wind turbine rotor blades - materials, structural design and testing
Prof Ole Thomsen
Aalborg University, Denmark
10:30 9.2    
(Invited) Bamboo transforms wind turbine blade technology
Dr Jim Platts
University of Cambridge
Armitage Centre
Session 10 - Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Roger Smith, University of Loughborough
(Invited) Non-evaporable getter coatings for UHV/XHV
Dr Oleg Malyshev
STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Aromatic and antiaromatic hydrocarbons adsorbed on graphene: benchmarking current first-principles approaches to the dispersion problem
F Hanke, J Björk, M Persson
University of Liverpool
(Invited) Recent developments in printing and holography
Prof Hans Bjelkhagen
Technium OpTIC
12:45 Lunch
Armitage Centre
Session 11
Chair: Dr James O’Shea, University of Nottingham
14:00 11.1  
(Invited) Plasmas in liquids and their applications
Prof Bill Graham
Queen’s University Belfast
Positive ion mass spectrometry detection from the atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polymers
Y Aranda Gonzalvo1, A J Beck2, T Pilkington2, A Yerokhin2, A Matthews2
1 Hiden Analytical Ltd., Warrington
2 University of Sheffield
Properties of thin MAX Phase films produced by ion-beam-assisted deposition
R Valizadeh, J S Colligon and V Vishnyakov
Manchester Metropolitan University
(Invited) Modelling the deposition of magnetron-sputtered titania coatings
Prof Roger Smith
University of Loughborough
Armitage Centre
Session 12 - Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Ole Thomsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
16:00 12.1  
(Invited) Nano interfaces self-organisation under extensive ion bombardment
Dr Arutiun Ehiasarian
Sheffield Hallam University
Zinc oxide/type IIb diamond heterojunction
K G Saw, S S Tneh, F K Yam, S S Ng, Z Hassan
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Paint coating characterisation for thermoelastic stress analysis
A F Robinson1, J M Dulieu-Barton1, S Quinn1, R L Burguete2
1 University of Southampton
2 Airbus Ltd, Bristol
17:00Hot topics in applied physics - breakouts for brain storming
Chair: Prof John Colligon
Session A: New challenges for coatings and surface treatment
Session B: Materials contributions to sustainable energy systems
Session C: Materials analysis: new requirements – new techniques
18:00End of session
18:30Drinks Reception
19:00Bar-B-Que, Entertainment
APTD Chairman’s After Dinner Speech
Prof Janice Barton, Chair of Applied Physics and Technology Division

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