IOP Conferences

Tuesday 13 April

Session 4 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Frank Walsh
(Invited) Real-time TEM observation of ion irradiation of solids

Prof Steve Donnelly
University of Salford
The formation of covalently bonded porphyrin networks on metal surfaces
C M Doyle1, S A Krasnikov1, A B Preobrajenski3, N A Vinogradov3, N N Sergeeva2, Y N Sergeeva2, H L Lee1, M O Senge2, A A Cafolla1
1 Dublin City University, Ireland
2 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
3 University of Lund, Sweden
(Invited) Single molecule electronics and single molecule electrochemistry
Prof Richard Nichols
University of Liverpool
10:15 Refreshments and Exhibition Opening
Armitage Centre
Session 5 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov, Manchester Metropolitan University
(Invited) The He-Ion microscope: a new tool for high resolution imaging and analysis
Dr Peter Gnauck
Carl Zeiss NTS, Oberkochen, Germany
11:45Exhibitor presentations
Chair: Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov
13:00 Lunch and Exhibition
Armitage Centre
Session 6 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Janice Barton, University of Southampton
(Invited) Multifunctional surfaces and materials for tribological applications
Prof Robert Wood
University of Southampton
14:30 6.2 
Laser surface modification of HVOF MMC coatings for improvement of tribological performance
M. Rakhes and Z Liu
University of Manchester
Electrodeposition of nickel carbon nanotube coatings
C Carpenter, Y Q Zhu, P H Shipway
University of Nottingham
15:00 6.4 
Electrochemical formation of metal, polymer, ceramic and multi-layer coatings from methanesulphonic acid
V Caramia1, M de la Toba Corral1, D Egan1, S H Hambali1, A N Kulak1, P K Leung1, X Li1, C T J Low1, D Pletcher2, C Ponce de León1, A A Shah1, I Sires1, R Tangirala1, F C Walsh1, S Wang1, R G A Wills1
1School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton
2School of Chemistry, University of Southampton
(Invited) EPSRC: Future Directions and Opportunities
Dr Andrew Bourne (Head of Physical Sciences Programme)
EPSRC, Swindon
15:45 Refreshments
Armitage Centre
Session 7 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Prof Bruce Hamilton, Manchester University
(Invited) Polymers and functional surfaces
Dr Mark Geoghegan
University of Sheffield
Tailoring the surface of polyethylene
S Hardman, R Thompson, L Hutchings and N Clarke
Durham University
Probing surface charges of hydrogel gradients for lateral control of protein adsorption
FI Tai, T Ekblad, O Andersson, T Ederth, B Liedberg
Linköping University, Sweden
Electron beam-induced modifications in High Density Polyethylene Films
R D Mathad1  H G Harish Kumar1 S Ganesh2  M V Badiger3 and K S S Sarma3
1 Dept of Physics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, India
2 Microtron Centre, Mangalore and BRIT, India
3 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India
17:30End of session
18:30Exhibition reception
Armitage Centre
19:30Buffet Dinner
Armitage Centre

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