IOP Conferences

Monday 12 April

09:00Conference Opening
Flowers Theatre
Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof John Brooks, Vice Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University
09:15Plenary lecture
Materials Challenges for the Fusion Program
Prof Steven Cowley, Director
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Culham, UK
Session 1 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov, Manchester Metropolitan University
(Invited) Atomic-scale characterisation of nuclear reactor materials
Dr Emmanuelle Marquis
University of Oxford
Surface modification of nickel-based superalloy with ultrashort laser pulses
B Gaković1, J Stašić1, S Petrović1, B Radak1, A Krmpot2, B Jelenković2, M Trtica1
1 Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča", Belgrade, Serbia
2 Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia
Modelling the deposition fuel derive particles and vapours
M W Davies, N Simms
Cranfield University
Fusion island – latest considerations concerning magnetic fusion, hydrogen cryomagnetics and thermochemical hydrogen production
W J Nuttall1, B A Glowacki1,2, L Bromberg3
1 University of Cambridge
2 Institute of Power Engineering, Poland
2 Plasma Science and Fusion Centre, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
CVD diamond: a candidate for fusion plasma-facing components

J I B Wilson1, P John1, S Porro1, G De Temmerman2, S Lisgo2,3, A Dunn4, D M Duffy2,4
1 Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
2 UKAEA Euratom Fusion Association, Oxfordshire
3 ITER Organisation, France
4 University College London
(Invited) The effectiveness of mathematical models for fusion materials
Prof Sergei Dudarev
UKAEA Culham
12:45 Lunch
Carriage House Restaurant
Session 2:  Poster Session - Marquis Room
14:00Poster Session
Chair: Prof Janice Barton, University of Southampton
Novel aspects of electrical properties of the heterocontacts based on the layered crystals
M.O. Vorobets
Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
Effect of plasma treatment on the wetting behaviour of polylactic acid and polyester fabrics
A Abdrabbo and R H Wardman
School of Textiles & Design, Heriot-Watt University
Photoluminescent properties comparison t-LaVO4:Eu3+ with t-YVO4:Eu3+
S W Park, H K Yang, B K Moon, B C Choi, J H Jeong*
Pukyong National University, Korea
Synthesis and luminescence properties of Ce3+ doped aluminum garnet crystalline powders
H C Jung1, J Y Park1, G S R Raju1, B K Moon1*, J H Jeong1, J H Kim2
1 Pukyong National University, Republic of Korea
2 Dongeui University, Republic of Korea
Photoluminescence behavior of Tm3+ and Yb3+ doped LiYO2 nanophosphors by solvothermal method
J W Chung1, J H Jeong1*, K Jang2, H S Lee2, S S Yi3
1 Pukyong National University, Korea
2 Chanwon National University, Korea
3 Silla University, Korea
Electrical and optical properties of PLL/CMC multilayer films
T Yovcheva1, M Marudova1, G Zsivánovits2, E Vozary3, S Sainov4
1 University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Canning Research Institute of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
3 Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
4 CLOSPI, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Optimisation of activated gallium arsenide photocathode surface for application as a high brightness electron source for particle accelerators
N Chanlek1,2, J D Herbert2, L B Jones2, R M Jones1,3, K J Middleman2
1 University of Manchester
2 STFC Daresbury Laboratory
3 The Cockcroft Institute, Warrington
The effect of morphology and surface structures on hydrophobic behaviour of plant leaves
LC Chen, CC Hong and JH Chou
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Pulsed laser deposition of tungsten thin films on graphite for magnetic fusion applications
M Tabbal1, W Kassem1, M Roumie2, G Y Antar1
1 American University of Beirut, Lebanon
2  Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Lebanon
Electrical stability of platinum thin films on elastomeric substrates
M Fernández, M C Fuentes, I Ayerdi, F J Gracia
University of Navarra, Spain
The formation control of intermetallic compounds by means of ion bombardment
S Krivelevich1, V Bachurin2
1 Institute of Physics and Technology, Yaroslavl, Russia
2 Yaroslavl State Technical University, Russia
Heavy ion range anisotropy in muscovite mica
M Singh, L Singh, N Kaur
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India
Investigation of the artificial aging behaviour of ceramic particle reinforced alumininium matrix composites M F Aycan, M Übeyli
TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey
The formation of covalently bonded porphyrin networks on metal surfaces (479)
C M Doyle1, S A Krasnikov1, A B Preobrajenski3, N A Vinogradov3, N N Sergeeva2, Y N Sergeeva2, H L Lee1, M O Senge2, A A Cafolla1
1 Dublin City University, Ireland
2 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
3 University of Lund, Sweden
Outside Marquis Room
Session 3 – Flowers Theatre
Chair: Dr Alec Goodyear, The Open University
(Invited) High brightness photoelectron injectors for modern accelerators
Dr Boris Militsyn
STFC Daresbury Laboratory
16:30 3.2    
Optical absorption mechanism and interfacial analysis of HPTs for lightwave technologies
H A Khan, A A Rezazadeh
University of Manchester
Modification of polymer surfaces using a laser plasma EUV source
H Fiedorowicz, A Bartnik, R Jarocki, J Kostecki, A Szczurek, M Szczurek, P Wachulak
Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Using nanomechanics to optimise the durability of hard nanocomposites
B Beake1,2, V Vishnyakov2, J Colligon2
1 Micro Materials Ltd
2 Manchester Metropolitan University
Phase control of manganese dioxide thin films by plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition
M Tabbal1, M Abi-Akl1,2, M Kazan3, S Isber1, T C Christidis1
1 American University of Beirut, Lebanon
2 Texas A & M University, Qatar
3 Université de Technologie de Troyes - CNRS, France
17:30End of session
18:00Drinks Reception
19:00Free Evening
No evening meal provided (unless booked in advance)

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